Byron Clay

Former HR Vice President, Skilled Communicator, Labor Relations Expert

Byron Clay
Senior Labor Consultant
Former HR Vice President
Skilled Communicator
Labor Relations Expert
Byron Clay, Principal and Senior Consultant

Former HR Executive: As a former HR executive, Byron has developed and led organizational strategies for effective employee relations, helping companies maintain union free status for over 20 years.  Within the general Healthcare Industry, Byron has specialized in preventing and maintaining a union-free environment among multi-scale acute care facilities in pre and post-petition union drives, Corporate Campaigns and strike avoidance.  He has worked for Non-profit and for profit Assisted Living; Adult Day Care, Rehab and Home care; Convalescence and Nursing Centers; and medical Diagnostic and Testing Centers.  In addition to healthcare, Byron has supported protecting the union free status within a myriad of industries, including logistics; manufacturing; trucking and warehousing.

Byron’s union avoidance effectiveness has been enhanced by his legal background and extensive Human Resources and Labor contract negotiation experience spanning over 25 years.  As a former HR executive, he understands employee issues from the site perspective, and is well versed in preparation, development and leading contract negotiations on behalf of employers.

Byron is a team leader with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He leverages these qualities toward building and maintaining positive relationships with employees, and empowering employers with internal problem solving. As a legal expert, Byron provides training in union avoidance, negotiations strategy, employee communications, corporate campaigns, selection/retention policies and diversity issues. His advanced understanding of the law has proven an invaluable asset throughout his consulting career, and companies looking for a deeper understanding of their rights and restrictions under Section 7 and 8 of the National Labor Relations Act can look to Byron for specialized counsel.

Byron earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Northern Illinois University and a Juris Doctor from Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC.   Additionally, Byron is the recipient of several honors and awards, and has been recognized for his advocacy and work in community and academic arenas.  Byron is the father of three children: a West Point Cadet; a professional model and university student; and a middle school sports enthusiast.

Client Testimonials

Our employees ultimately voted to overwhelmingly defeat the Teamsters 43-no to 3-yes that allows us to continue to work directly with our employees in their best interest giving the us the opportunity to make things right.”

-WS, Director of HR

Knowledge Base

The Secret Sauce of Maintaining a Great Place to Work

Employers often ask, “What can we do to keep our employees happy and to prevent union organizing?” Clients often think their efforts will be time intensive, expensive, and will require a ton of resources. The truth is quite the opposite! The “recipe” for keeping your employees happy is quite simple and often inexpensive.