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Covid upended the labor market, and now these workers are using their leverage to push for unions

The Covid pandemic pushed Americans to reconsider how and where they work, resulting in a tight labor market, rising wages and what’s been dubbed the Great Resignation. It also spurred workers, many of them younger, at big companies such as Amazon and Starbucks to flex their newfound leverage with union movements….

How A Union Official Becomes A ‘Union Buster’

Explore the controversial realm of “turncoat persuaders” with Joe Brock. This article delves into the motivations and tactics of individuals who, having once been part of the labor movement, now actively work against it for financial gain. Brock’s journey from union president to unabashed “liberal union buster” sheds light on the intricate dynamics of this controversial industry and its impact on labor relations.*

Joseph Brock, East Coast Labor Relations

“You need to treat your employees with respect.” – Joseph Brock. In this article, Joe gives answers to some of the top questions regarding union avoidance.

How companies use predictive analytics to get ahead of union drives

Striketober may be over, but the private sector’s fraught relationship with unions is seemingly never ending. As the labor shortage persists, employees will continue to look for leverage in a variety of ways, from seeking an end to forced arbitration to staging walkouts to forming a union.

Former Teamster leader-turned-consultant Joe Brock on today’s workplace issues

A conversation covering underfunded union pensions, the dangers of union authorization cards and card check, as well as the desire to ban so-called “captive audience meetings.”

The Why and Joe Brock

Where do employers find themselves in the growing worker empowerment movement? Joe Brock gives his expert opinion on some things employers can do to avoid workers organizing, including paying fairly, treating workers with respect and dignity, and giving employees a say in the workplace.

Former Union Organizer: Joe Brock

Joe Brock’s expert take on Unions in the workplace.