Avoiding a Union

Virtually all employers are vulnerable to union organization. Despite popular belief, there is no type of industry required for a union to represent employees.

Reliant Labor Consulting

Is a union talking to your employees? Are they currently signing Union Authorization Cards? Would you or your direct line supervisors even know if they were?

Avoiding a Union

When a labor union first approaches a company, each side has its own interests at heart (no matter how much they tell you that they have your interests at heart).

Reliant has a multitude of programs designed to teach your managers and supervisors the warning signs and tripwires that indicate that union organizing activity is taking place in your work environment.

Our consultants will work directly with your supervisors and employees to put an immediate stop to the card-signing using effective, legal, and most importantly, truthful education. Our greatest strength is our ability to understand the work your employees do, speak to their issues and concerns and help your employees see the facts clearly before they vote to unionize.