Preventive Labor Relations & Union Free Workplaces

Employees join unions because they are unhappy with management and believe that a union can create better working conditions.

Reliant Labor Consulting

Union Free workplaces require periodic audits for employers to understand where they are falling short of employee expectations. We will guide you to optimum conditions that can be monitored by company staff to create a successful business climate to avoid union representation.

Preventive Labor Relations
Today’s workers need a voice. Many of today’s workplaces are rife with issues that call out for a collective voice. Often employers believe unions form because employees are not satisfied with their pay or benefits. The fact is most employees unionize because they feel as if the working conditions are substandard or that their voices aren’t being heard. We are often amazed at the common sense expressed by employees during a union organizing campaign, even though ultimately forming a union is not in their best interest. We can design training that will identify these issues and solve them. Happy employees really are more productive. A workplace that encourages open communication between management and employees is a company much less likely to unionize.