Fighting a Union

If you have been served with a petition by a labor union, most likely the union has been selling the idea of a union membership for many months.

Reliant Labor Consulting

You have but a few short weeks to expose the union and counter their effective sales pitch. We understand this process because our consultants were once among the very best organizers in the movement. They know what your employees have been told, and they know the truth.

Fighting a Union

What is the collective bargaining process? What is this magical elixir that is going to cure all of your problems in the workplace? If the union wins your union election, what will happen next and what will you be subject to? And what does the law say?

Our consultants will credibly educate the employees on the process, the unions hierarchy, and what they stand to potentially lose through the collective bargaining process.

In every union organizing campaign, much is said about your wages, your benefits, and your health care. They’ll talk about respect and the dignity of your work and how you deserve to be respected by your employer. But the truth is, these aren’t the issues that drive a union election. For the most part, successful union organizers will attempt to exaggerate the problems in your workplace.

There’s a reason that union membership remains at historic lows, and your employees will know those reasons through sound, compelling, accurate education without the rhetoric that permeates most union campaigns. The truth works!