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Reliant Labor Consultants staff believe a workplace that works for employees, works for employers.

Where We Excel

Employees or a union may file a petition for a representation election (RC) after collecting signatures from at least 30% of workers in the potential bargaining unit. Petitions that are not withdrawn or dismissed result in an NLRB-conducted election. A majority of votes decides the outcome.

Our Services

We are a full service labor and employee relations consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients sustain a direct relationship with their employees to avoid the many significant problems that arise when work groups are organized.

We can help your employees see the facts clearly, and help you maintain a union free environment.

Avoiding a Union

Is a union talking to your employees? Are they currently signing Union Authorization Cards? Would you or your direct line supervisors even know if they were? Reliant Labor Consultants has a multitude of programs designed to teach your managers and supervisors the warning signs and tripwires that indicate that union organizing activity is taking place in your work environment.

Fighting a Union

If you have been served with a petition by a labor union, know that the union has likely had many months to sell your employees on the idea of union membership. You have but a few short weeks to expose the union and counter this effective sales pitch. Communication and education are essential. Reliant Labor Consultants will work with your supervisors and employees to identify issues, educate about the pros and cons of unions, improve communication, and help your employees maintain a union free environment.

Preventive Labor Relations

Union Free workplaces require periodic audits for employers to understand where they are falling short of employee expectations and what may trigger employees toward union organizing. We design training that both identify issues and provide effective solutions. We will guide you to optimum conditions that can be periodically monitored by your staff. We will help you create a business climate and satisfied employees who will not seek outside union intervention or representation.