Welcome to Mayberry Productions

Mayberry Productions is a strategic partner of Reliant Labor Consultants, specializing in producing video content for union avoidance campaigns. They aim to empower businesses to establish direct relationships with their employees by creating insightful videos that convey the organization’s values and concerns. Their videos facilitate meaningful conversations and build trust, transparency, and a shared vision within an organization, ultimately helping organizations navigate the complex terrain of labor unions.

They keep the filming discrete, with little to no interruption in the workplace, sending only one production professional to film onsite or at a predetermined location. Depending on the needs of the company, they spend 1-2 days filming and interviewing. In addition, they have a team of professionals working behind the scenes to edit the video, ensuring quality sound and fact checking the content. Once filming, interviewing, and editing is complete, you’ll receive a video draft. This is your opportunity to make any changes or suggestions. After you have approved the video, the final product is sent to you as an MP4. At that point, you own the video, and you can disperse to employees as you wish.

Examples of Our Work:
Breaking News
TikTok Titus
Creating Homegrown Supervisors
Union Facts
Amy Lee – Founder

Amy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and immediately worked as a news producer and video editor. She later obtained her master’s degree and works as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Her combined knowledge of psychiatry, labor relations and her creative background in video production gives her an edge in the industry.