About Us

Our Greatest Strength is Our Ability to Understand the Work Your Employees Do, Speak to Their Issues and Concerns, and Help Your Employees See the Facts Clearly Before They Vote to Unionize.

Reliant Labor Consulting

Reliant Labor Consultants, LLC is a full-service labor and employee relations consulting firm that is dedicated to helping its clients sustain their direct relationships with their employees and avoid the many significant problems that arise when work groups are organized.

Our Story

With over 50 years of collective experience in all aspects of Labor Relations, Reliant Labor Consultants retains the best talent available to help employers maintain a union free workplace. Our consultants know that an educated and engaged workforce is your best protection from a union attempting to organize your workers.

The Reliant Labor Consultants team is a diverse mix of former high ranking union officials, union organizers, corporate Human Resource professionals and trainers, business executives and managers, registered nurses and chief nursing officers, healthcare executives, non-profit executive directors, and lawyers. We offer consultants that match our clients’ language, racial diversity, and cultural needs. In addition, in organizations with nursing, hospitality, and transportation, we offer consultants that match the work experience of our clients’ workforce.

In the roles mentioned above, we learned how unions really operate, and how over time, unions have lost their way. Fairness in the workplace for today’s unions is no longer the name of this game. Bringing in new customers, or members, is what really matters. The reality is, today’s union officials have become the embodiment of what they were supposed to be fighting—Corporate Greed.

We have seen this dynamic take place from both sides of the table, as organizers and top-ranked union officials who sold the product, as well as employer representatives who have dealt with the disappointing fallout their employees faced after the union failed to live up to its promises for a better workplace. We know what the union is telling your employees, and more importantly, we know what they are leaving out. With this intimate knowledge, we are perfectly situated to educate your employees from the best possible position.

We formed this firm to educate your workers on the realities, tricks, costs, rules, legal ramifications, and lifelong commitments that are the result of union membership and to provide leadership and diversity training, audits, and HR consulting. We can educate your employees in a manner that comes with the credibility of those who once lived it, believed it, and can now expose the realities of unionization and their organizing tactics and lies. Credibility cannot be duplicated internally.

We have seen the realities and know first-hand the impact unionization will have on your employees and your organization.